Air Source Heat Pumps

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With the price of fossil fuels ever increasing and a growing desire by government and individuals to reduce the harm we cause to the environment there has never been a better time to consider Air Source Heat Pumps to heat your home or office.

air source heat pumps Offer:

  • Incredible Efficiency – extracts heat from the outdoor air and puts it indoors
  • Fuel Savings / Reduced Electricity Bills (In most cases – phone for details)
  • Modern Environmentally Friendly Heating System

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The UK government are now offering financial incentives, for qualifying individuals to install air source heat pumps, reduce their fuel bills and their carbon footprint.

Call TAPS on 01752 395 701 to ask about Government Grants and see if you qualify.

Renewables Hub recommend TAPS Plumbing in Devon to give great advice and, if you decide to go ahead with an installation, a high quality job with excellent customer service.

TAPS are an established Devon firm with years of experience.

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Call 01752 395 701 -Friendly Advice from the Air Source Heat Pump Experts.

Air Source Heat Pump Explained in Plain English:

An air source heat pump provides a degree of free energy, reducing heating bills and reducing harm to the environment. It does so by extracting heat energy from outdoor air (making the outdoor air colder in the process) and putting the extracted heat energy indoors where it’s useful.

The energy (heat) isn’t entirely free because an electric pump is required to move the heat from the outdoor air to the indoor air, hence the term ‘heat pump’.

The heat pump uses a small amount of electrical energy to transfer the heat but this is a fraction of the energy that would be required to make the heat instead of just moving it.

A similar process takes place with a domestic refrigerator. The refrigerator uses a heat pump to extract heat from the inside, making it cold, and transfer it to the outside. That is why you get heat from the back of the refrigerator, the heat pump moved the heat from the inside to the outside.

Air Source Heat pumps are available in several configurations, the main ones are ‘air to air source heat pumps’ and ‘air to water source heat pumps’.

Air to air source heat pumps use the heat extracted from outside to directly warm indoor air. The heater part of the system looks like one of those slim line air conditioning units you see mounted high on a wall. The installation and maintenance of these units is minimal and there is no water pipework to be installed in the building.

Air to water source heat pumps use the heat extracted from the outdoor air to warm up a water circuit. The water circuit is usually used for underfloor heating as the water produced is warm rather than hot and so suits the application perfectly.

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